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The Middle East seems to be in a state of constant change, and Dan Smith uses his forensic skills to unravel the history of this arena of confrontation and instability, from the Ottoman Empire to the present day. With customarily acute analysis, he highlights key issues and maps their global implications to explain why the Middle East has become, and will remain, the focal point for foreign policy. Getting the answers straight matters because more than any other single region, what happens in the Middle East has an impact on us all. There can be no one-line summary of the Middle East, but in The Penguin State of the World Atlas, Dan Smith gives readers the primer they need to understand the ongoing conflicts in the region. This atlas explores the complexity of the region, looking at how it emerged out of the history of fallen empires, how oil and outside intervention have shaped its current contours, where it stood as the wave of change broke in 2011, and the impact of violent conflict throughout. It uses maps, graphics, chronologies and analysis to offer a fair and tough-minded look at what lies behind a moment of change and hope.

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