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а м терацуян джазовая импровизация курс для начинающих учебное пособие jazz improvisation a course for beginners textbook купить по лучшей цене

""Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation Treble Clef Workbook"" is a stand-along exercise workbook that is also a direct companion text to the ""Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation"" text. Originally conceived as the Jazz Theory/Improvisation text and curriculum for the 2014 National Jazz Workshop, it has already been adopted by several university jazz programs. These books begin at a level accessible by students just beginning in jazz, with reference appendices to fill any fundamental music theory knowledge, yet progress systematically in technical and conceptual content well beyond all but the most advanced college improvisation classes. With notated examples and exercises demonstrating all concepts as well free downloadable play-along tracks for all exercises, this book will have students playing the material almost immediately.Used as a stand-alone text for development of technique and fluency with jazz scales, this workbook includes exercises appropriate to all stages of improvisational development.
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