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With the understanding that confession is a witness to the gospel, Confessing the Faith Today investigates how a sixteenth-century Reformation confession, the Belgic Confession, can assist contemporary Christians testify to the truth of Gods gracious turn toward creation and do so in the context of the twenty-first century's competing claims. A close examination of the internal coherence of the Belgic Confession, along with an exploration of how that confession might engage contemporary life, offers fresh insight into how Christians might articulate what is at stake in the gospel. Janssen encourages the church to enter a conversation with the forebears of the faith, acknowledging the historical nature of not only the confession but of God's involvement in all creation.""This fresh and lively reading of the Belgic Confession is doubly welcome. First, although the Belgic Confession is one of the great national confessions of the sixteenth century, very few commentaries on it have appeared over the past century. And second, Janssen not only explains the text of the Belgic Confession in its original context, but, more importantly, shows how it can still be confessed in our context today. On both counts he succeeds admirably.""--Lyle D. Bierma, P. J. Zondervan Professor of the History of Christianity, Calvin Theological Seminary""Janssen carefully follows the contours of this time-tested confessional treasure, from the way we know God generally thro...
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