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карл боэм karl boehm mozart the abduction from the serail 2 cd купить по лучшей цене

A Delightful 1980 Live Recording Of Mozart's Irresistibly Comic "Turkish" Opera Staged By Veteran Producer August Everding At Munich's National Theatre. Musical Director Of This New Production Was Karl Bohm, Who Once Again Enraptured Listeners With His "Unbelievably Subtle Reading Of Mozart's Score, Enchantingly Elastic And Wonderfully Buoyant", As The Press Wrote After The Premiere. Joining Them Was An Ensemble Of Superb Mozartians - Gruberova, Grist, Araiza And Talvela - Who Elicited Sustained Ovations From The Bavarian State Opera Audience After Every Performance Of This Bubblingly High-Spirited Abduction. Thomas Holtzmann - Pasha Selim Francisco Araiza - Belmonte Edita Gruberova - Konstanze Reri Grist - Blonde Norbert Orth - Pedrillo Martti Talvela - Osmin
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