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Volume four of the Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Series presents the work of modern-day poets Randy Scott Owsley, Aldo Nunez-Martinez, Kevin West, Jerome L. Glover, Cecile A. Labar, (Coco Mc) Cora C. McReynolds, Rochelle Baxter, Arlene Lou Velez, Jamiaiah Crawford, and Atlas Porter. A mixture of free verse and old-style poetry, the anthology takes you through the sunlight and darkness of love, death, and personal experiences that many of us experience throughout our lifetime.Piecing together the stages of life, each poet will enlighten you through this journey, whether it be good or bad, and help you walk through any obstacles you may be facing. Hope is being able to see that there is lightness in any dark situation. One theme remains the same though: we are all walking this path of life together.

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