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​"Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?" has now become a coloring book! The best part is that it's not just for your child, it's for you, too! Each spread has an adult coloring page image next to the children's coloring page image. So get out some crayons (for the little one) and copic markers (for you!) and color your way to some relaxing moments together.---A coloring book for "mama and me," it's 2 coloring books in 1! This includes pages for adults to color, paired with pages appropriate for children's coloring level.---This adult and child coloring book is based on "Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?" a brightly colored children's book that affirms breastfeeding. It contains 9 different mammals: including bats, whales, pandas and hedgehogs.---Melissa Panter has also written and illustrated other books, including "Mama Holds Me Close", a babywearing themed book that tells the different places and occasions a mother carries her child, using illustrations of animals that also carry their children.---44 pages altogether including:Title page,18 mama/baby mammal pairs pages (9 adult coloring pages, 9 children's coloring pages),2 human mama/baby pair breastfeeding pages (1 adult coloring page and 1 children's coloring page),2 human mama/baby pair reading (1 adult coloring page and 1 children's coloring page),21 blank pages (in between each pair of mammals is a pair of blank pages so that when you color the mammals it does...
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