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For the price of less than one guitar lesson, you can learn 42 chords, music theory and professional tips that would take nearly 42 in-person guitar lessons. There are literally thousands of guitar chords you can learn. Knowing which ones to begin with is an absolute must!42 Guitar Chords Everyone Should Know is the perfect guide to learning the most important guitar chords. This book teaches you the best 42 chords you have to know.42 Chords - Step-By-Step Finger Placement - Music Theory - Bonus Material - And More!Each chord has a chord diagram with fingering positions and unique to this book series: step-by-step guide to show you how to fret each chord. It is like you have a teacher right there with you explaining the tried and true way to play guitar. This is a must have for every guitarist. Even more advanced players will benefit from this information!Micah Brooks has been teaching guitar lessons for over ten years. He also has been a professional guitar player for more than 15 years. These 42 chords are the best-of-the-best of his lessons.Rather than paying hundreds of dollars over several months for guitar lessons, why not start with this book and see how much you can accomplish and how much money you can save?These are proven methods for guitar chord success. Read through the many professional recommendations below to see how this book is being acknowledged in the guitar community.Buy 42 Guitar Chords Everyone Should Know today to get started on your 42 guitar chord jo...
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