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The Shamus Award Nominee Back in Print! "Mystery, adventure and a tad of romance. Well done and recommended." -Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer MidWest Book Review. Every cop in L.A. Robbery-Homicide is trying to find out who killed Elizabeth Short, "The Black Dahlia." At the same time private eye Rick Page is trying to locate a millionaire's missing wife. In the middle of that case, Page is unwillingly drafted to find a young man who wronged the daughter of a crime lord. Soon, bodies - tortured in the same manner as the Dahlia - begin to pile up, and Page learns that he's in deadly danger. To survive, he must discover whether the murderer is a cunning copycat attempting to confuse the police, or whether he has fallen under the shadow of the Dahlia's killer. "A master of retro noir." -Private Eye Writers of America newsletter. "...A rousing story, compellingly told ... wonderful read for anybody who loves a good book." -Warren Murphy, Two-time Edgar Winner. "...A marvelous private-eye novel set in the mid-1940s. The sounds and souls of a generation that survived both the Great Depression and World War II resonate from every chapter, and Rick Page is a realistic and empathetic narrator. Shadow of the Dahlia is a 'keeper'." -Jeremiah Healy, author of Spiral and Turnabout
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