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THE DESERT NEWSIs Rattlesnake Ranch ready for prime time?Stop the presses! Miss Hospitality herself, Meredith Bingham Turner, has been spotted bringing her unmistakable decorative flair–and delicious recipes–to Rattlesnake Ranch. Rumor has it she' s visiting her best friend, Karen, and helping to spruce up the Porter homestead. But I think there' s a reason she might be extending her stay: her best friend' s brother, the bona fide cowboy, Bucklin Porter.Single dad Buck can be as prickly as an Arizona cactus if he thinks that you' re messing with his home–or with the daughter he adores. But even he has to admit that ranching' s been a hard road recently. Domestic goddess Merry might be the solution to all of Buck' s prayers…in more ways than one!

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