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This publication outlines the functions and operations of each combat and operational stress control (COSC) element within an area of operations (AO). This field manual (FM) establishes Army doctrine and provides guidance for conducting COSC support for combat, stability, and reconstruction operations from brigade to theater level. The information provided in this publication will assist commanders and their staffs to operate efficiently at all levels of command and throughout the operational continuum. It may be used by medical planners to supplement FM 4-02, FM 8-42 (4-02.42), and FM 8-55 (4-02.55). Users of this publication should be familiar with Army Regulation (AR) 40-216 and with FM 4-02, FM 4-02.6, FM 4-02.10, FM 4-02.21, FM 4-02.24, FM 6-22.5, FM 8-10-6, FM 8-10-14, and FM 22-51.
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