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Who among us has not had a broken heart? The heart can be emotionally broken, by losing a lover, or spouse, parent or child, home or pet. The heart can be spiritually broken by the loss of faith or ideals. The heart can be physically broken through birth defects and illness. The physical pump of the heart can be damaged, unto death by the stress of emotional and or spiritual heartbreak, the loss or absence of love, intimacy and spiritual connection. We have all lost friends and homes, pets and lovers and eventually all of these losses can break our hearts. This book is for anyone who has experienced heartbreak and wonders why. This book responds to the question: what can heal my heart, and relieve the suffering? The answers can come to us in nature, through beauty, through our loved ones and our pets, and our relationship to faith and the Divine. The book you hold explores the tender possibilities of healing that are all around us. It grew out of the author's experience with a heart defect that resulted in surgery and became the springboard for creative and spiritual reflections on the nature of loss, illness and a return to gratitude for life, healing and joy.A book for healthcare professionals, clergy, family, friends and lovers.

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