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teri b racey master of the storm journal mindful writing and sketching for self mastery page 5 page 5 купить по лучшей цене

The Master of the Storm Journal is based on a poem of the same name. The poem is a chronicle of the author's serial storm dreams that began when she was a child. The dreams taught her how to face specific challenges in her life with wisdom and strength through an ever-increasing connection with divine wisdom and love.The journal organizes the wisdom garnered from the tornado dreams into six easy and workable steps with thought-provoking illustrations. Additionally, there is space provided for Mindful writing and sketching to help promote deeper self understanding. Using the concepts of Mindfulness, the reader can apply these steps and exercises to face and gain mastery over any challenge. The Master of the Storm book and Master of the Storm CD, along with the Master of the Storm workshops are designed to compliment this journal and are part of a comprehensive program. Used individually or collectively these materials support the reader in releasing old ways of thinking/behaving that create or support the continuance of painful and disempowering relationships. Through the use of these materials the reader will acquire the skills to become the wise and joyful master of their world.

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