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Wilhelm Busch was a German draughtsman, painter and writer. A grocer's son and the first of seven children, he enrolled at the Polytechnische Schule in Hannover to train (1847-51) as an engineer but, while there, decided to become an artist. In 1851 he transferred to the Akademie in Dusseldorf where he remained for a year, attending elementary classes in life drawing with Carl Ferdinand Sohn and studying proportion and anatomy with Heinrich Anton Mucke (1806-91). In May 1852 he moved to the less severely doctrinaire Academy in Antwerp, but the obsessive concern for precision of his tutor, the genre painter Joseph-Laurent Dyckmans (1811-88), did not appeal to him. As he conceded in 1886 in his autobiography, Was mich betrifft, he was assailed by doubts about his talent as a painter, not because of the demands of an academic training but because of the apparently unsurpassable example of Frans Hals and other Old Masters whose works he had studied in the Koninklijk Museum in Antwerp. During this period Busch produced several studies of heads in oils on cardboard that were freer in execution than his work in Dusseldorf, for example Portrait of a Young Man (c. 1852; Hannover, Wilhelm-Busch-Mus.), as well as drawings of views of Antwerp. In May 1853, after an attack of typhoid, he returned home to Wiedensahl, where he lived for the next 18 months, collecting legends and fairy tales of the Weser region and making drawings of gravestones and antiques in the area for a scholar in Berl...
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