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Welcome to the English World Level 1 Grammar Practice Book.In this book you will find a variety of activities which practise the grammar points in Pupil's Book 1 and Workbook 1. There are also activities which practise writing skills and phonics/pronunciation. These activities can be used in class or for homework.There is a unit in the Grammar Practice Book for each unit in the Pupil's Book and the Workbook. There are three pages in each unit:• Page 1 of each unit practises the main grammar point of the unit.• Page 2 of each unit practises the Grammar in conversation point.• Page 3 of each unit has a Grammar Street activity, which practises the grammar points from pages 1 and 2; and a Writing skills activity which practises the writing from the Workbook Writing skills page.The Review pages practise the grammar from the previous three units. Each grammar activity in the Review units has a score out of 5. This gives a total score of 20. The children write their score for the Review pages in a box on the page. They can assess their level of achievement by reading the comments in the Score Box.The phonics and spelling section of each unit in the Pupil's Book is practised at the end of this book.When all the activities in each unit are complete, the Grammar Practice Book will be a useful reference and revision aid for the children. The series of Grammar Practice Books builds up into a complete record of the grammar in English World .The children can keep their Grammar Practice Boo...

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